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Firmware Update Scheme

Read the following information carefully to ensure that your device is always kept serviceable.

FLARM uses a rolling release cycle, requiring an annual update. Each update can be applied anytime during a rolling one-year period. This makes it easier to align FLARM firmware updates with the yearly aircraft maintenance. It is also in line with the maintenance care that a safety system requires.

As the update cycle is individual, no generic information is sent out on individual firmware expiration dates.

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Ensure that you download the correct version for your specific device. Owners of PowerFLARM-based devices from other manufacturers should download the firmware from the respective manufacturer’s website. Owners of the old, obsolete Classic FLARM-based devices, including ones from other manufacturers, shall use the Classic FLARM download below. If you are not sure if your device is based on PowerFLARM or the old Classic FLARM (LX8000/9000 series), see the device manual or contact the manufacturer.

PowerFLARM Fusion

The PowerFLARM Firmware and FLARM Hub Firmware are different files that need to be downloaded and applied separately. Some features of FLARM Hub require an updated PowerFLARM Fusion firmware to work. Normally always update both to the latest version.

PowerFLARM Core and PowerFLARM Portable

Classic FLARM & Classic FLARM-based OEM devices

For F4-F9, TRX-1500, TRX-2000, FlarmMouse, LX8000/9000 series with Classic FLARM, LX5000, LX Red Box, LX Mini Box/Mobile, ECW100, FlyTec

Note: For Triadis Floice, contact the manufacturer for device-specific firmware.

PowerFLARM-based OEM devices

For PowerMouse, FlarmBat, FLARM Eagle, LX8000/9000 series with PowerFLARM, AIR Traffic

Contact the respective manufacturer to receive firmware updates.

Atom UAV

The Atom UAV and associated Atom FLARM Hub Firmware are different files that need to be updated separately. Note that these files are different than the PowerFLARM Fusion files and installation of the wrong firmware file will fail.