Solutions for light airplanes

Originally developed for gliders over ten years ago, FLARM is today rapidly growing within the powered aircraft sector. Over 50 % of all FLARM devices sold today are being installed in powered aircraft. The safety benefits of FLARM make pilots who have once flown with FLARM, never again want to fly without.

In addition to issuing collision warnings about other FLARM equipped aircraft, the optional integrated ADS-B and SSR Transponder receiver also shows and issues warnings about other transponder and ADS-B equipped aircraft. ADS-B aircraft are shown with GPS position similarly to FLARM, but within the inherent limitations of ADS-B positions. Transponder equipped aircraft are shown with approximate range and altitude difference (Mode-C).

FLARM can easily be installed by your local avionics maintenance shop. A Minor Change Approval (MCA) is available for most airplanes under 2 t.