Obstacle database Update: Alps 2018 (operates until 2019-01-31)




The obstacle feature upgrades the FLARM system to also warn about imminent obstacle collisions with objects such as cables and antenna masts if stored in the database.

In order to avoid memory and flight recording issues, install at least firmware version 6.09 when using database in any PowerFLARM product.

This database for the European Alps region includes around 44.000 obstacle elements in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France, and was compiled in May 2018.

Use with caution and under your own responsibility. The end-user license agreement including Terms of use of FLARM is applicable for this purchase and available at http://flarm.com/eula

Each database is operational until a specified date after which an expiration warning on startup will appear.

The map below shows all obstacles which are available in the obstacle database.