Obstacle databases

The obstacle database upgrades the FLARM system to also warn about imminent obstacle collisions with fixed objects such as cable railways, power lines or antenna masts stored in the database.

The obstacle database engine and collision algorithms make it possible to handle complex obstacle types in all three dimensions. This includes segmented and split power lines and cable ways, including types which cross mountain tops. The data is collected from various sources, each one with different quality, details and actuality, checked against digital elevation models and optimized to avoid unnecessary alarms and make the best use of limited data memory. Some obstacle types may not be available in some regions.

Only one database can be stored in the device, and only one obstacle file must be present on the SD-card/USB-stick inserted into a FLARM device. Save your flight logs prior to uploading a new obstacle database.

The map below shows the areas for which obstacle databases are currently available. Large area databases typically contain fewer obstacle types than those for smaller areas. Chose a database that matches optimally with your operational area and needs.

The obstacle database can easily be purchased and downloaded in our online webshop. Obstacle databases do expire, the ones currently offered on January 31, 2020.