FLARM products offer a broad range of services for UAVs out of the box:

  • Electronic conspicuity (EC) and tracking
  • Electronic identification (eID) with optional cryptographically secure signature
  • Traffic awareness
  • Detect-and-avoid (DAA)

For fast time-to-market, we offer development kits. For standard UAV equipment, check the UAV operator page.

Two development kits for UAVs are available: PowerFLARM UAV Dev Kit and FLARM Atom Dev Kit. They each have specific features and target different use cases. The properties of the dev kits are listed in the table below.

Name PowerFLARM UAV Dev Kit FLARM Atom Dev Kit
Architecture PowerFLARM OEM: High-performance, aviation grade modules for miniaturized applications FLARM Atom system-on-chip with Cortex-M4F MCU
and radio transceiver for highly miniaturized, high-volume, and cost-effective applications
FLARM Radio Enhanced-performance receive and transmit Receive and transmit
Collision warnings Yes Yes
Ready-to-fly Yes, only external power source required Yes, only external power source required
Size 70x32x8 mm
90 mm wire antenna
GPS antenna
30x38x12 mm
(30x30x4 mm without connectors and GNSS antenna/receiver)
Weight 28 g
(19 g without GPS antenna)
12 g
(3 g without GPS antenna)
Housing No No
Mounting User-specific 4 M2 holes
Navigation u-blox 8th generation multi-GNSS receiver u-blox 8th generation multi-GNSS receiver
with integrated patch antenna
microSD card slot
Connectors 2 x U.Fl. (GPS, FLARM radio)
Micro-USB (power, virtual serial)
Hirose DF13-6P-1.25H (power, UART)
SMA (FLARM radio)
Micro-USB (power, virtual serial)
JST GH 6-pin (power, UART)
Protocols FLARM FTD-012 ICD compliant or MAVLink FLARM FTD-012 ICD compliant or MAVLink
User interface 5 status LEDs 4 status bicolour LED
Power supply 4-36 VDC on DF-13
5 VDC via USB
(selectable by manual switch)
4-15 VDC on JST GH
5 VDC on USB
Power consumption 500 mW typical 200 mW typical
PowerFLARM Diversity Module No No
PowerFLARM 1090 Receiver Module No No
Barometric Sensor No No
Microphone No No
Reset Manual Manual or USB/serial handshake line
Package content PowerFLARM UAV Dev Kit with Application Module
868 MHz wire antenna
GPS patch antenna (18x18x7 mm)
does not include cables
FLARM Atom Dev Kit with GNSS antenna
SMA radio stub antenna
does not include cables and microSD card
Minimal order quantity 2 Please inquire
Pricing EUR 469/each excl. VAT and shipping EUR 699/each excl. VAT and shipping

Contact us for ordering.