FLARM Configuration Tool

When installing FLARM in an aircraft, and before using a portable FLARM, it is very important that it is configured correctly. Use the configuration tool below to configure your device. After selecting the desired options, the configuration file is instantly sent to your email address.

Note that the configuration tool only works with the latest released firmware version. Before configuring the device, you need to update to the latest firmware version, independently of when you did the last firmware update.

We take the privacy of your data seriously and you can find our Privacy policy here.

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Data sentences for D-sub connector
Protocol for D-sub connector
Baud rate for D-Sub connector
Data sentences for RJ45 connector
Protocol for RJ45 connector
Baud rate for RJ45 connector
FLARM horizontal range
FLARM vertical range
ADS-B horizontal range
ADS-B vertical range
PCAS (Mode-S/C) horizontal range
PCAS (Mode-S/C) vertical range
Process Mode-C targets
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Mode-C filtering method
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PCAS antenna calibration value
Transponder type
Use barometric altitude from Mode-S transponder
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Beep on PCAS alarms
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PCAS targets as PFLAU on RJ45
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PCAS targets as PFLAU on D-sub
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Enable audio
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Audio volume (%)
Remove obstacle database
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Remove all IGC files
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ICAO 24-bit address, hexadecimal
Aircraft type
Pilot name
Logging interval (seconds)
Copilot name
Glider ID
Glider type
Competition class of glider
Competition ID
Stealth mode
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No-Track mode
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