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FLARM systems and devices are available from FLARM Technology as well as from other manufacturers. Some manufacturers specialize in devices for specific aircraft types. Devices without a built-in display must be connected to a FLARM Compatible display as primary means and can in addition be connected to a second display for e.g. traffic awareness.

A FLARM system is only complete and approved if connected to a certified FLARM Compatible display. FLARM certification ensures that the display handles all communication with the FLARM device correctly, including collision warnings, status messages and error conditions. In addition, a FLARM system may also be connected to a second display for traffic awareness ("moving map"), but those displays normally will not show if e.g. the firmware is expired or any other condition makes the system unusable or unreliable.

A FLARM installation needs at least one FLARM antenna and one GPS antenna. For antenna diversity, two FLARM antennas can be installed; normally one on top of the aircraft and one below. Systems with an ADS-B/SSR receiver also require a 1090 MHz antenna. Many systems/devices ship with internal antennas included (e.g. the GPS antenna can normally be installed on the glareshield). For most aircraft, external FLARM antennas are recommended.

Ground stations are special products sold to organizations for specific purposes. They can be used to detect and warn about traffic and/or to broadcast Alert Zones (AZN) to FLARM-equipped aircraft, warning them about e.g. active UAV or skydiver activity.

For OEMs, FLARM modules are available for integration into avionics or other products. They are sold in larger quantities and exist in different sizes with different features. Contact us for more information.