Product comparison

The following table shows the major differences between PowerFLARM Portable and PowerFLARM Core.

PowerFLARM Portable PowerFLARM CORE
Compatible with all FLARM® and PowerFLARM® devices icon_check icon_check
Max Range 1) > 10 km
High sensitivity FLARM receiver icon_check icon_check
Panel mounted USB port for updates, flight recording readout, charging cell phones, etc. icon_cross icon_check
Integrated microSD card slot icon_check icon_cross
No. of independent and fully functional data ports 1 2
EASA fixed installation approval N/A2) icon_check
Obstacle database icon_check icon_check
ADS-B receiver icon_check icon_check
SSR Transponder Mode A/C/S receiver icon_check icon_check
Antenna diversity icon_check icon_check
IGC flight recorder (incl. ENL) icon_check icon_check
Audio out (connection to headset or audio panel) icon_check3) icon_check4)
Recommended for Airplanes and helicopters, where a fixed installation is not feasible. Gliders and powered airplanes.
Price from (MSRP) EUR 1’0905)
EUR 1’9906)
EUR 8907)
EUR 1’3498)

1) Max range depends on antenna selection and placement.
2) PowerFLARM Portable is a Portable Electronic Device (PED)
3) Audio Out has its own 3,5 mm jack
4) Audio Out is via one pin in the D-sub
5) PowerFLARM Portable Pure. Excl. VAT and shipment.
6) PowerFLARM Portable ADS-B. Excl. VAT and shipment.
7) PowerFLARM Core Pure. Excl. VAT and shipment.
8) PowerFLARM Core ADS-B. Excl. VAT and shipment.

Note that above products are available in an EUROPE and and AMERICAS version. The EUROPE version runs in Europe, Africa and New Zealand. The AMERICAS version runs in North- and South America, Australia and Israel. The hardware has built-in hardware frequency filters to the frequencies applicable in these regions.

ADS-B receiver is for 1090ES. Not supported are UAT, TIS-B, FIS-B and ADS-R.