powerflarm-core-ads-b-model-ePowerFLARM is the improved FLARM technology based on the well-proven Classic FLARM. PowerFLARM devices feature stronger transmitters, higher sensitivity receivers, optional antenna diversity, better interference protection, a faster processor with more memory, and EASA approval. Various PowerFLARM devices also include an ADS-B and transponder receiver to detect aircraft not yet equipped with FLARM.

Improved Range

With up to 3 times the output power, highly sensitive receivers, and optional antenna diversity, PowerFLARM devices can reach further than ever before. When fast moving aircraft are headed towards you in your blind spots, this extra range can be crucial to remain safe.

Interference Protection

Interference from mobile phones and mobile network stations may reduce the range when you least expect it. PowerFLARM introduces additional protection against out-of-band signals that lets all FLARM traffic through but keeps everything else out.

Transponder and ADS-B Receiver

While many aircraft are already FLARM equipped, there are still some that are not. With the optional ADS-B/transponder receiver available in select PowerFLARM devices, those aircraft are tracked as well. The additional receiver listens for intruders transmitting Mode-C, Mode-S, and ADS-B messages on 1090 MHz. Since aircraft without FLARM cannot see you, it is all the more important that you can see them early to keep a safe distance.

Speedier Processor

PowerFLARM has both a more powerful processor and more memory, enabling new functionalities, improved collision avoidance algorithms, and larger obstacle coverage.

EASA Approval

EASA is a strong supporter of FLARM and has approved PowerFLARM to be installed in certified aircraft either as a Standard Change or with a Minor Change Approval (MCA). This makes the installation both safe and legal, and ensures the integrity of the aircraft certification.

PowerFLARM Core

Designed as a behind the panel device, the PowerFLARM Core stays out of the way and leaves more space for the valuable FLARM display. Concurrently, this increases the flexibility of display selection and placement. PowerFLARM Core is the recommended devices for most aircraft.

PowerFLARM Portable

For aircraft where a behind the panel installation is not possible, the PowerFLARM Portable is available for flexible fitting. This device incorporates a display as well as a control knob and can easily be placed e.g. on the glareshield.

Product Selector

The product selector lets you find all FLARM systems, displays, and other related equipment on the market.