What is FLARM?

FLARM is an award-winning and affordable collision avoidance system for General Aviation, light aircraft and UAVs. Since its invention in 2004, over 25.000 FLARM systems have been installed in aircraft worldwide.

Originally developed for gliders and sailplanes to solve the inherent shortcomings of TCAS, FLARM has today expanded also into other aviation domains.

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FLARM can be extended with additional features, such as Obstacle databases, IGC approval, and much more.

All features can be purchased in our webshop and then easily downloaded as a license file.

The license file is then put in the FLARM device via USB stick or microSD card and activated immediately.go to shop

Firmware 6

The previous firmware in all FLARM devices has expired. It has to be replaced by the new firmware version 6 before your next flight. Download firmware version 6 here.



  • 2015-08-18 New FLARM article from the UK Nationals.


  • 2015-05-15 SkyNews.ch has published an interesting story about the FLARM installation in a Super Constellation aircraft.


download new Firmware for FLARM

PowerFLARM – See what you are missing

PowerFLARM CoreThe new PowerFLARM will make sure that you don’t miss those aircraft that were previously out of your range.


  • Extended range – See intruders earlier
  • Antenna diversity – Second antenna to extend the range below
  • ADS-B & Transponder receiver
  • Fully compatible with all FLARM devices and displays
  • Easy installation behind the panel